Since then, the growth has been incessant and overwhelming, not just in commercial strategies developed by the Mass Media, but also by technology itself, so keeping updated and achieving efficient solutions demands a unique specialization in the market.

So it was that interpreting the needs that the Media had in each moment, but mainly working in their future strategies, MMASS achieved to impose itself in the leading Media in Argentina, to then expand to Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Perú, Ecuador y and later to Central America.

The present is extremely auspicious, because of the applied solutions, for the support relationship sustained subsequently with each one of our Clients, who feel accompanied in their daily work as in the development of new guidelines to get new business opportunities.

Initially it was Radio and TV, then we added solutions for Print and Digital Media, forming today a Suite of products that allows to administrate commercial actions with an Only Client concept, controlling its actions in the Products Portfolio offered by each Media with an integrated business concept.

Of course every solution can be provided independently for smaller Companies, but certainly in every case they will be benefited by the best practices in each particular region.
Our Commitment is to keep MMASS in tune with innovative strategies of each Region, giving our best to guarantee the success of every project.

Our Mission
To keep giving MMASS the innovation differentials, strategic analysis and new world trends to allow our clients to maximize their performance.
OUR Vision
To be the company with the leading product in Latin America focused in the administration and billing of advertising in Mass Media, by delivering our best effort and professional ethics being that our way to retribute to society.

They Trust Us