Committed to keeping MMASS in line with the innovative strategies of each region, putting forth our utmost effort to ensure the success of every project.

The reality that the MMASS product suite currently constitutes the leading solution in the Traffic&Billing segment in Latin America has its origins in 1988, with the first installation of the product in radio and television multimedia.

Since that moment, progress has been relentless and overwhelming, not only in the commercial strategies developed by Mass Media Communication but also in the technology itself. Therefore, staying updated and achieving an efficient solution requires a unique specialization in the segment.

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Testimonials from our clients

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I am a System supervisor in ATV Group – Peru. In mid-May 2014 I was invited to be part of the MMASS – Peru Project. A few months earlier a solution to centralize the Commercial area of several media in one system was required, so we choose our friends in Stratzone to cover this need with their MMASS System. The implementation was hard, because the national business model was adapted to this tool, but every good job pays off so, with the support of Santiago Álamo (Stratzone), Ivan Feresin (Stratzone) and David Brittos (Regional), the result of going out in production was achieved more than a year ago. Since then we keep a support that backs us every day and we are pleased with this job, and I recommend it to other Companies, because with good planning you can get good results.

Alexander Núñez ATV Peru

With the implementation of MMASS in 2009, more efficiency was achieved in the advertising area tasks, allowing a better track of sales, negotiations and agreements settled with agencies and direct clients. The O.P. processing was sped up, mainly of orders with continuity through the year by the cloning function. Having a data analysis and reporting feature (statistic cube) we count with the ability to say which seconds are available to be sold in special offers. The billing process was also optimized with the automatic billing issue and O.P. certifying. The integration with our Play Out Squid system, minimized the differences between the scheduled and the aired, as well as the possibility of auditing the scheduled/aired allowing to detect spots not issued or issued that are not in the routine. Using an interface developed by us, due to the open data structure of MMASS, we have succeeded in linking with our ERP software, integrating the sales and billing information, allowing to do a debt risk analysis.

Gustavo Gulotta CASTV Santiago del Estero

Red Uno from Bolivia started to use the MMASS System officially in 2015, with adapting and adjustment to requirements periods that were presenting to us, and adapting it to the bolivian legal regulations. Amongst others, we can mention the following:
– User-friendly system
– Adaptability to the needs
– Quick accessibility to specific information
– More complete information
– Adaptability to external systems (play out- sai)
– Insertion time reduction and internal information handling
The connectivity and information management with our branches in the largest three cities in Bolivia is trustworthy, fast and safe.

Moira Handall Red Uno Bolivia