Implementation Services.

Implementation Services

Through the Implementation Services associated with MMASS, you ensure to dispose of consultants with vast experience, which give personal and remote advice in every step and process until its finish, ensuring the success.

Our solution counts with the best practices in Latin America. Applied in Argentina, Bolivia, Perú, Paraguay, Ecuador y Panamá. We are the only Standard software for the business in Latin America with wide experience in deployments adapting to each country.

Training services

Make sure that your team knows every inch of MMASS and its complementary products by the personal and remote training to obtain the best performance of them.

With our consultants you guarantee learning the system operation of MMASS in every step of the process of the advertising traffic, in each Area of your media and in each person that is part of it.

Technical Supprt

We have a team of Operators available highly trained and with vast experience in each one of our solutions to answer and intervene to your needs, remotely, by Chat, EMail and telephone.